• If you work as a database administrator, you probably understand that creating a database or accessing its contents can be a challenging task while lacking the appropriate tools that can help you do so.

    In this situation, you can turn to specialized software solutions such as Toolsverse Data Explorer that can yield satisfactory results by providing you with a wide array of relevant tools.

    Toolsverse Data Explorer can help you generate scenarios regarding data integration and ETL. ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load, each of which is a separate process used in database usage and extraction.

    The creation process is made possible by relying on an intuitive drag-and-drop-friendly visual designer and also various scripting languages (i.e. JavaScript). Among the supported data sources, you can find SQL and NoSQL along with other widely-accepted formats.

    Another strong-point of this application is that it features support for a wide variety of databases, such as Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Snowflake, DB2, Informix, MySQL and MS SQL. More so, the support is native, so you don’t have to install any other dependencies in order to benefit from it.

    Furthermore, since each database has its own traits, this program can handle them according to the type of database you are working with. Among the additional features, you can migrate data between databases in a quick, convenient manner by using the “One Click Data Migration Tool,” as well as dragging and dropping SQL designer and SQL-aware code editors.

    Toolsverse Data Explorer comes with a rich interface that encompasses a broad range of functions, which can be accessed via traditional menus or toolbar buttons, according to your preferences.

    It is possible to view node paths, access columns’ properties, refresh the content and cut, copy or paste it, navigate to various sections, perform searches, set search filters, develop scenarios and manage background tasks.

    All things considered, Toolsverse Data Explorer is a reliable application that can help you generate various database scenarios and explore data with minimum efforts. It comes with a comprehensive interface, packs an outstanding amount of functions and lets you handle multiple database types.