• TelCLI is a lightweight software solution designed as a TELNET client that can automate connections for advanced computer users that have at least a minimum of previous experience with similar apps.

    It provides no graphic user interface (GUI), but only a command line interface (CLI), so users have to understand the basic principles of handling CMD in order to benefit of its entire array of functions.

    TelCLI is portable too, meaning that users don’t need to install it on their computers, as simply unpacking the archive it comes in and launching it through a CMD prompt is enough. More so, it will not tamper with Windows registry entries nor create additional files or folders on the target computer.

    Although it packs a helpful text document that offers a lot of details on its functionality, major features and automated tasks, it also provides a bunch of helpful info whenever users run it without any attached arguments (i.e. telcli.exe).

    As stated above, one can also use the application to execute tasks that have been previously defined in a script file, in text format by including the argument “-s” in the run command along with the absolute path of the script.