• miniDBA Desktop is a simple to use software that comes in really handy in case you need to supervise the activity and performance of a particular SQL server. The software allows you to connect to one or more databases on a server, view the items stored on them, analyze activity status or receive alerts.

    With its modern-looking, intuitive GUI, miniDBA Desktop allows you to monitor and manage a large collection of data from one or several SQL, Azure SQL servers or a custom Analysis service. Thus, you may view the live instances on the left, and navigate through the structure of the databases stored on the server you connected to.

    The software displays certain information on separate slides, such as: side connections, locks, tables, indexes, files, memory status, the default trace service, health check or activity log. Thus, you can stay up to date with all the changes made within the selected server. Additionally, you may view the status of storage space, fragmentation, current usage or the processes currently undergoing on a remote station. A centralized view of CPU and memory consumption of every process on the monitored servers is displayed.

    miniDBA Desktop  allows you to setup an email service, so you can receive notifications and alerts straight to your email account. The Enterprise function can centralize data from all the monitored instances, current alerts or past notifications. Additionally, a priority indicator is assigned to each issue record. Depending on the alert, the software can also display a small description of the error.

    Moreover, the software offers you several data analysis and statistics, so you can get an overview on the server activity.

    miniDBA Desktop is a comprehensive, yet easy to use software. It allows you to connect to a server and view each action that happens, each modification to a database, as well as the performance status of the stations that are currently connected to the same server. By analyzing SQL performance, miniDBA Desktop helps you to troubleshoot issues and to gain insight on how you can optimize it.