What is an offline installer?

1: When an online connection is accessible, an application like Lumen may be downloaded to your computer and installed when an internet connection is no longer available, thanks to an offline installation. In other words, you may finish the installation without having an online connection.
2: There is a separate offline installation on the Lumen download page for Windows if you use Windows. There isn't a different installer for Mac OS; you may use the same installer for both online and offline installation.

Advantages of an offline installer

1: The standalone installation of Lumen is the offline installer. Therefore, you won't need to download anything more for installation other than the original installation file.
2: Lumen may be installed on a PC in the field when there is no internet connectivity.
3: The offline installer may be advantageous if your internet connection is sluggish since installation is quicker.
4: The installation of Lumen may be stopped and started whenever you choose.

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By OnProg

Immedirate is an application which let Windows Media Player users rate their songs easier and quicker than ever before – by one click. Listen to songs while you’re working on your computer and rate them without disturbing your work

This tool allows you to generate a direct download link to files you have stored in Google Drive. A direct link will immediately start downloading the file, rather than opening a preview of the file in Google Drive.

This extension helps you to download all the images from an Instagram’s user profile page in a click.
This extension helps you to download all the images from an Instagram's user profile page in a click.

Navigate on a user profile and you will have an icon in your bottom-right corner of your screen. It opens a popup with every single image ready to be downloaded and the option to "Download all" at the same time.

Note: This app will work till the Instagram changes its structure. We will try to update the app if Instagram changes but cant guarantee it

Version 3.0 (June 2020)
- Removed storage permissions to accomplish new Chrome Store policy. Only need to accept download permissions to download the images on Instagram.
- Added images counter.
- Added instructions of use.
- Fix: Only retrieves post images (not images in profile picture nor highlighted stories).
- Fix: Refresh the image counter on scroll.

Version 2.0.1 (Apr 6, 2018)
* Multi-language: English / Spanish.

Version 2.0 (Mar 28, 2018)
* Full re-design for minimal non-intrusive interface.
* Easier to use: One click and instants are displayed in a grid. Download button downloads em all.
* New download system that works perfectly after the latest Google Chrome version update.

It’s actually pretty easy to get a direct download link for your Dropbox files. All you have to do is copy the normal share link and tweak it a bit.

  1. First, you need the normal sharing link from Dropbox. Go to, find your file, and click the Copy link button that appears when you hover over it. Or, on your desktop, right-click on the file, and select Copy Dropbox Link.

  2. Either way, you’ll have a link like:

  3. To get a direct download link, replace the with, which will give you a link like:

  4. Copy that link and paste it in your browser, and it should download the file directly. Share that link with your friends and colleagues and they can do the same.

    I know how to make an ad-hoc shared link. However, is there a way I can make a direct link to a file without preview window? When I attache a file, some people are having a hard time to understand the preview and download. SO I want to make a file to direct link to download.

    Homespun’s Direct Digital Access service is an easy, fast and economical way to purchase and instantly download or stream our high-quality instructional videos. Getting and using Homespun lessons has never been easier.

    After you have chosen “Instant Download” from our product page and you check out, you’ll have a choice of how to view the digital lessons you have purchased.

    1) Stream Your Lesson Right Now!

    If you have an Internet connection, simply click on “Your Digital Library” at the top of any page and start viewing your purchased lessons on your computer, smart phone or tablet.

    2) Install our Homespun Instant Access Player

    Install one of the players that matches your system (Apple, Windows, Android, Play Station, etc.), then download your lesson to your computer’s hard drive and view it anytime, anywhere (even where there is no internet). The playback quality rivals that of a DVD and our proprietary software will give you some great functions, including looping and slo-mo, that you will get even by streaming the lessons from your Library!

    Your Lessons Will Always Be There, Waiting For You to Work on Your MusicGoogle Play services for Instant Apps is an app that lets you try new games directly on Google Play. There is no need to install them in your smartphone. You’ll know if Google Play services for Instant Apps is working correctly if you see a new button that reads ‘try now’ beside the traditional ‘Install’ button.

    With audio and video calls in imo, you can have free and stable calls with your friends and family. No matter they are abroad or not, it is always the best choice for you.

    Free messaging your friends at anytime, anywhere

    Free messaging your friends at anytime, anywhere

    Sending files is easy and fast in imo. You can send music, video, pdf and etc without limitation. Is there any size limitation for a file? Oh yeah, no more than 10G.

    If you’re looking for the best free SEO eBooks worth downloading, then this list is for you. We did our research and crafted a list of the top SEO eBooks available for download in PDF format.

    We visited each and every eBook to ensure that it has up-to-date SEO information and that it’s free to download.

    For each eBook, you’ll get a summary of what you’ll learn and detailed instructions on how to download it.

    This collection will not only help you learn the basics of SEO but more advanced concepts like link building and conversion optimization.

    All eBooks are published by highly reputable and trusted websites.

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