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What is an offline installer?

1: When an online connection is accessible, an application like Lumen may be downloaded to your computer and installed when an internet connection is no longer available, thanks to an offline installation. In other words, you may finish the installation without having an online connection.
2: There is a separate offline installation on the Lumen download page for Windows if you use Windows. There isn't a different installer for Mac OS; you may use the same installer for both online and offline installation.

Advantages of an offline installer

1: The standalone installation of Lumen is the offline installer. Therefore, you won't need to download anything more for installation other than the original installation file.
2: Lumen may be installed on a PC in the field when there is no internet connectivity.
3: The offline installer may be advantageous if your internet connection is sluggish since installation is quicker.
4: The installation of Lumen may be stopped and started whenever you choose.

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Back to Basic’s is simple to use Horse Racing Prediction Software. Just download your past performance files into the programs File folder, click ‘Unzip Files’, and your ready to go.It applies basic handicapping techniques to each horse and then scores them to find the contenders in a race. This horse racing prediction software uses a set of ‘rules’ to weigh different handicapping factors including Distance, Consistency, Recent Form, Class, Front Running Ability and Speed. It then gives a score for each horse based on those factors. Back to Basic’s comes with the ability to sort by Post Position, Class, Average Speed, High Speed and Score. This software uses Brisnet’s Comma-Delimited Past Performances (Single File Format) to make its selections. Back to Basic’s also comes with its never before published Ready to Win spot play. This spot play was made to pick horses that are likely to win, but also picks some Exacta’s, Trifecta’s, Superfecta’s and even some long shots as well.

Pocket Handicapper Suite

The TrackMaster Pocket Handicapper Suite is your all in one handicapping tool, allowing you access to many of the TrackMaster products and reports, all delivered directly to your smartphone.

What’s in the Pocket Handicapper Suite? Users have the option to select any of the products below. Here are a few highlights of each:


•Pocket Handicapper – PPs: Summarized speed, power, pace & class ratings & full PPs for each race

•Turf Club Analysts: Detailed computerized analysis from selected tracks across the country. In addition to commentary on the choice plays and vulnerable contenders, the Turf Club Analysts provides straight win bets, exotic wagers and a race rating.

•F.A.S.T Sheets: Selection report that attempts to model how each race will unfold based on pace scenarios and ratings and provides a contender list with an acceptable odds line.

•FlashNet: A handicapping report designed for players of all skill levels that helps to quickly and easily unlock the key information and stats inside each race card.

•Railbird: Basic selection report, along with positive or negative comments for each horse.


•Pocket Handicapper – PPs: Summarized speed, power, pace & class ratings & full PPs for each race

•Chatsworth: An automated selection service for Harness races developed by a group of experienced handicappers and data analysts with a combined 25+ years of experience. Typically provided are the best three value bets in the race, with supporting commentary.

•F.A.S.T Sheets: Selection report that attempts to model how each race will unfold based on pace scenarios and ratings and provides a contender list with an acceptable odds line.

•FlashNet: A handicapping report designed for players of all skill levels that helps to quickly and easily unlock the key information and stats inside each race card.

Payment options

The products in the Pocket Handicapper Suite can be purchased on a pay-as-you-go basis or from one of our convenient monthly unlimited plans, and all deducted directly from your iTunes account.

If you choose one of the subscriptions options, your subscription will automatically continue unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Your credit card will automatically be charged for another subscription period at the current subscription price. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your iTunes Account Settings after purchase. Subscriptions cannot be canceled during the active subscription period.

Back to Basics: Handicapping 101 – The Significance of Score Types

Q:  When you are posting a score, what exactly does home, away or tournament mean? And what is a type C or P score? Do score types make a difference to your handicap?

A:  The Score Types with letters H (Home) and A (Away) are just designed to make it easier for you to post your score, and easier for your fellow members and Handicap Committee to recognize those particular scores.  They have no special impact on your Handicap Index calculation.

A type C score is two nine-hole scores combined into an 18-hole score.  The nine-hole scores are combined in the order in which they reach GHIN, and are posted with the date of the second nine.  In the combining of two nines into 18-hole scores, the Course Ratings are added together, and the Slope Ratings are added and divided by two.

The T (Tournament) score is the one score type that can have an impact on your Handicap Index.  Tournament rounds, if they are very low, have the potential to have an impact on your handicap even after they have cycled their way out of your 20 most recent rounds.  The Committee in charge of conducting the event decides in advance if the T is worthy to be applied or not.  T scores are intended for significant events, like club Championships, for example, and not routine weekly or monthly events or ones that do not carry special importance.

P scores can only be applied by a club’s Handicap Committee and indicate a Penalty score.  Penalty scores are not par – such as 72 – as many people might think.  A Penalty score can be a low penalty or a high penalty, and are relational to the individual player’s scoring record. A Handicap Committee would add a penalty score for reason of failure by the player to post scores, and it is not necessary for the Committee to inform the player they are doing so.

Popular trainer Chris So Wai-yin is going back to basics with speedster Classic Unicorn as he looks to continue his good form at Happy Valley on Wednesday night.

The four-year-old returned to his dominant best last month with a four-length demolition in Class Three and So is looking to repeat the dose again when he steps up in the Class Two Alnwick Handicap (1,000m).

At his best Classic Unicorn has shown the ability of a top-level galloper, but So believes he has been his own worst enemy when it all comes undone.

This guide breaks down the past performance programs you would receive at the racetrack/off-track wagering facility. Even if you are someone who has never watched a horse race in their life, I guarantee this guide will get you to understand what is occurring during each race. Not only is each piece of the past performances explained, but I also showcase how long-time handicappers utilize the information as well. This guide is written so even a ten year old could pick it up and understand. You will not find a more extensive and easy to read breakdown for such a small price. As always, good luck in all future handicapping endeavors!

There are 3 levels (Basic, Enhanced, Premium) of Today’s Racing Digest race sheets.  This is the Premium level race sheet for one individual race.  This Premium level race sheet includes the following:



Header: Lists the distance and conditions of the race, Digest race level, purse, average times for this level on an unbiased track, favorites win and in the money percentages.

Digest Exclusive Race Header: Includes, the horses entered in the race in order of post position including for each horse, today’s fire number, weight, age/sex, recent Race Level, Race Competition Level, Comprehensive Performance Ratings, Total, Position Early in Race, Handicapping Factors, Equipment, Trouble, Best Previous Surface and Distance, Past Class, Average RCL and Last CPR.

Fractional Charting for the top 3 horses, Expected Times with 0 variant, Average times for mid-level races, Average Times for this Level.

Race Analysis: This is where the Digest staff handicapper will detail his analysis of each particular race. He’ll point out contenders and why he likes or dislikes certain horses in that race. He also might point out how the race will be run (pace scenario) and how that will effect the contenders.

Experienced handicappers and beginners can benefit from reading the Race Analysis. The experienced player can look for things he might have overlooked or use it as a sounding board for his own selections. Beginning players get an easy to read analysis for the race and then can form their own selection or go along with the writer’s top choice(s).

Notes/Stats Each horse entered in today’s race is listed in post position order including, jockey/trainer stats, breeding stats, trainer stats, trip notes, workouts, and the last 10 FIRE #’s.

The Data Lines: Each horse’s last six past performance lines are listed here, along with such important information as Track Bias, Pace and Final Time Ratings. The Digest Data Lines include our exclusive pace and final time ratings that have been adjusted to reflect today’s race. This makes it easy to compare the past performances of each individual horse.

Horse Comments:  This is where a Digest Analyst will provide any inside information regarding this horse to give you the edge you need to determine if this race is a good fit with this horse or if he/she is a “throwout’.

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