• Time is a precious resource and synchronized measuring tools allow one to ensure losses are not incurred due to erroneous readings. Today, multiple online time servers can be queried to request accurate readings; Advanced Time Synchronizer Industrial is one such utility, allowing users to synchronize their time with one or multiple providers.

    In essence, one can think of this tool as a good intermediary between various industrial machines that support communication through the NTP protocol and a main time server. The program works similarly to the more lightweight Advanced Time Synchronizer, but also allows users to integrate with other devices.

    As with its lesser sibling, one can connect to various time servers, such as NASA, and obtain readings with millisecond accuracy. What’s more, users can define their own providers and the application supports communication of data from three ports: 123, 37, and 13.

    The tool can be configured to synchronize automatically on user-defined time intervals, ranging from hours to months. Advanced Time Synchronizer Industrial supports custom sounds or logos and one can even employ a proxy to connect to the time servers.

    Besides these shared features, the Industrial version adds the ability to synchronize the time data received with various devices, with the sole requirement that NTP compatibility is observed. This includes robots, E-Card, and RFID readers, as well as PLC systems. This essentially transforms the utility into a time synchronization hub relaying updated information to all other machines not able to connect to a time server, but able to communicate via NTP ports.

    On the whole, Advanced Time Synchronizer Industrial comes across as a powerful solution for anyone in need of an NTP time synchronizer. It can be employed for casual or household usage, but is best used in industrial settings, where devices have to receive highly accurate and constantly updated time readings.